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We Always Get Our Man - Since 1997 we have been successfully providing the power of truth to our clients. We use special investigative techniques and cutting edge equipment to catch insurance fraud by using both unmanned continuous running cameras and manned cameras so that we can be covert at all times and never miss an opportunity to video record the subject. We can send the reports in any format. For EVERY HOUR we are on the job you received A PHOTO OR A SEGMENT OF VIDEO of the location including any evidence collected. What we do WORKS - QUICKLY, AND EFFICIENTLY PROVIDING YOU WITH THE BEST PRODUCT AVAILABLE.

NEW: We can video record and get clear video from nearly a mile away. We are now using remote cameras to catch insurance fraud: How it's done is our secret, but you will like the results.

We offer our services to: Insurance Companies with issues to resolve involving worker's Compensation Claims, Claims Adjusters, 3rd Party administrators and Self Insurers. Our Agents are trained to be knowledgeable in all State and federal statutory restrictions and know how to work successfully within laws pertaining privacy issues.


Flat Rate For Frequent Clients - Insurance Investigations: $600/day - no retainer fee required.

10 hours on site
50 miles one way
1 hour maximum drive time
All other expenses included
For every hour on the job you will get photographic evidence

Outside the 1hr drive

Surveillance beyond a 1hr drive but inside of 150 miles radius from Raleigh City Center will cost $ 55.00/hr and $ .56/mile plus meals and hotel expenses.

Outside the 150 mile radius:

Surveillance out side of the 150 mile radius may lead to extra hotel and meal expenses.
North Carolina County Map
We cover all of NC

We use inconspicuous specially equipped vehicles for covert surveillance. The surveillance vehicle will change every day that we are on the job to ensure the subject will never know we are there. We have not, in 29 years, been discovered by the subject of our investigation.

surveillance vehicle

Our surveillance vehicles come in all shapes and sizes and are equipped so the Agents can assume the identity of a surveyor, vehicle counter, carpenter, plumber, or any businessman or business woman, by using magnetic signs and equipment to match their cover. We go all the way with shirts, caps, jackets and equipment to match our cover. The subject will not know we are there and the community members will not be concerned.

surveillance van The surveillance vans are equipped with black curtains behind the tinted windows and across the back of the front seats. Our surveillance vans appear to have no one inside and so neither the subject nor other community members suspect that there is a camera being operated nearby. WE CAN USE REMOTE CAMERAS SO WE ARE NOT AT THE RESIDENCE UNDER INVESTIGATION.

Our cameras are ALWAYS RECORDING so there is no time lost turning the camera on.


We do not contract out our work. We guarantee that every report will show exactly what happened in the greatest detail with the highest integrity.

Normally we work a benefits fraud workers comp investigation for two ten hour days. After verifying visually that the claimant is inside the residence we get poised to capture the evidence.

We will send you a detailed report with embedded clear photographs of the action with a time date stamp. We can send the report in any program.

We will guarantee that you have an Agent working your investigation with no less than ten year's experience with a supervisor with more than twenty year's experience.

Our Special note to the Insurance Industry: Have you had one of your Agencies on your list give you a beefed up report that was written by an inexperienced PI that they hired at half the rate? Are you receiving many cases that just don't seem to pass the smell test? Did you receive a tip that someone was cheating but your agency was unable to bring the product to you? If you're worried about such actions give us a call. We will give you the best product you have seen to date - and we will keep the quality going.

The Power of truth...

Yours very truly,

James Petrie - CEO - API