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Advanced Private Investigations and Security Management @ 1997

Private Investigators in Raleigh, Cary, Apex and area. We are currently rated as a five star business on Google. We have the most "Advanced" GPS tracking systems and covert cameras in the world. By investing in the latest technical devices, and having over thirty years experience, we maintain our position as the best in the business. We are efficient and professional so you will save money and get peace of mind.

My name is James Petrie. We investigate Domestic Matters, Missing Persons, Child Custody Issues, Criminal Matters, Teens issues, Property Recovery, Benefits Fraud, and we provide Computer Security Specilist services for businesses to protect your information and avoid ransom charges. I was educated, first, in the engineering field then went on to work in the investigation field. I conducted my first investigation in 1981 and knew it was what I should be doing. I have worked for government, police agencies, businesses, Attorneys and private individuals successfully over the years. Between myself and my team of experts I'm sure we can help you. API received thanks from the Sheriff's department for its assistance in the Green investigation where David Green had been murdered and put into a freezer in his home in Raleigh. We had worked with many different police agencies over the years and have been called on by District Attorneys for our testimony.

"Advanced" means very high tech equipment customized for our business. WE HAVE THE BEST GPS SYSTEM ON THE MARKET. We have covert cameras "that work" that record inside or outside of your home. In fact, PI Magazine published James Petrie's views on GPS technology in their 2011 August issue. Thank you PI Magazine.

"Advanced" Also means it's easy to start the investigation. You can send all your information to our email address and the retainer fee using your paypal account. We will start working for you immediately. Just send the information and retainer fee to When Pay pal ask where to send the funds put in the email address. Please call James to discuss your case at (919) 795 8910. To find out what information we would like to have click on the category on the left. Papal will take visa.

* The Latest advanced technology allows us to get computer data and cell phone text messages on non password protected technology. What we do is legal and court worthy and can help you find the truth quickly - call us for more information.

* We have Miniature covert GPS assisted locators to install in your child's favorite toy - you will know where they are at all times.

We are a full investigative service providing our clients with expert professional Investigators. We can provide you with experienced Agents with either more than twenty years experience at Private Investigation work or a combination of work experience and a Police background: R.C.M.P., FBI Agent, State Bureau Investigations and other Police Agencies. We will fit your need with the best that we have.



Providing private investigative services since 1981 James Petrie knows that he and his team can help you find the truth so that often the parties can settle the dispute without court cost. We can help you find an Attorney if you don't have one.


With experience in recovering property we have learned what it takes to protect your property at minimal cost to you. Identifying the weak points and using resources efficiently will be cost effective.

API's building
API's building at 315N Academy St. Suite 200, Cary, NC 27513

Owner James Petrie is licensed with the Private Protective Services Board of North Carolina and the North Carolina Association of Private Investigators NCAPI under Badge number 3315. He can be reached at (919) 795-8910 or Email: There is no charge to meet with James.