Child Custody Investigations

We are experts in this area.

Child custody issues need to be handled with extreme care.

The most important issue is the care of the child.

Second to that is the sharing of the child when ordered by the courts to do so.

Next is to ensure that the child has a safe environment at both homes. Example: Who else is living or visiting the home? What is their background?

You are calling on me now, so I know, one of the above is probably the issue you are concerned about. We have been very successful in providing evidence for Lawyers that typical work child custody cases. Many of my cases have resulted in a complete change of orders due to significant changes in the circumstances as brought forth by our investigations. We can work for you or your Attoney.

We accomplish the above by conducting surveillance, tracking your child, conducting complete background checks on any new people involved and by being prepared for the hearings.

We will conduct a very discrete investigation where we will provide you with a detailed report with embedded photos and DVD videos to help prove your case.

What to bring to your first meeting with James:

  • Your secure contact information - cell phone number etc.
  • Subject's name and address with photo.
  • Recent photographs of your little ones involved.
  • Subject's SS#, age, race, height, weight, hair color and style, scars, tattoos, glasses Y/N.
  • Subject's work address, bosses name, subject's work hours, days off, break times.
  • On what days will the children be with the subject or the Grandparents?
  • Subject's vehicle information such as, tag number, make of vehicle, photos if possible.
  • Children's activities that the subject attends and the locations.
  • Restaurants that he will take the children to such as McDonald's with the playground.
  • Name and address of Grandparents on the other side - description if known.
  • The retainer fee in a certified check or money order - see "My Rates" for details on cost.

James Petrie can be reached anytime at (919) 795-8910 or by email:

API's building

API's building at 315N Academy St., Suite 200, Cary, NC 27513 Email:


Type in "Mount Herbert Orphanage" into Google and see how we have helped stop orphanages where abuse was found from ever being used to house children again. The Mount Herbert was demolished in 1998.

James Petrie of Advanced Private Investigation was the sole investigator who conducted a full investigation uncovering extreme child abuse within the Mount Herbert Orphanage. Says who? Docken and Company at . We are proud to say we have achieved what a mountain of Mounties could not.

The R.C.M.P Royal Canadian Mounted Police conducted numerous investigations over more than ten years and found only that there was likely sexual abuse, but they presented no evidence to the public and made no arrests.

API uncovered evidence of sexual, physical, and psychological abuse within a few weeks of its investigation. API had provided Attorney Client Docken of Docken and company fourteen videotaped testimonies of former residence of the orphanage. Over the course of the investigation Agent Petrie interviewed a total of fifty-eight former residence of the orphanage that claimed that they were abused while living there. Many of them claimed to have been sexually abused by the staff members and others. They also claimed to have been locked in cages, closets, chained to trees for hours and even days without food or the use of a washroom. There was more than enough evidence to get a court date set.

The value of this case was estimated to cost the Prince Edward Island government and the Children's Trust Fund more than 11 million dollars in settlements.

To see one of the many newspaper articles on this case click on

Message from James Petrie to the former members of the Mount Herbert Orphanage:

I want to thank each of you for finally trusting in someone to hear your story and discover the truth. I will remember each and every one of you forever.

IF YOU KNOW OF ANY SITUATION WHERE A CHILD IS SUFFERING FROM CHILD ABUSE PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT JAMES FOR HELP - JUST DROP A LINE TO AND HE WILL DO WHAT HE CAN. There's your chance to make a difference. NOTE: attachments will not be opened unless you have called James and provided him with your contact information.