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One of our first investigations involved a case worth over 11 million in claims - The Mount Herbert Orphanage Investigation

Reviewed by: Attorney Clint G. Docken Q.C. (Queens Counsel) exactly how it was written:

To Whom it May Concern:

Re: James Petrie

We have had the pleasure of working with James Petrie since 2001 on a very time - consuming investigation.

Throughout this period James has showed a timeless devotion to the investigation and gone to considerable lengths to ensure that his investigations are thorough.

Throughout this investigation he has exhibited a highly professional approach.

We have found his investigation skills to be outstanding throughout and would highly recommend his services.

Client G. Docken, Q.C. (Queen's Counsel)
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Mr. Docken's Associate stated that API had done well to have gathered enough evidence to be ready for court in less than a year as the other orphanage investigations across the county had taken more than two years.

For more information search the "Mount Herbert Orphanage Prince Edward Island."

Reviewed by: Teacher Rick Moran lost his teaching job. We proved that he was not given proper notice of the action taken against him. Mr. Moran proved that he was wrongfully dismissed and together we won his case. We cannot disclose the amount here but it was significant.

Mr. Moran's words: "The evidence that you were able to get is just what I need in court to win my case."" You are going to be invited to a large party when this is done."


THE CARY NEWS Thursday, June 16 2005


Robin A. Edwards, 48 of 320 N. State St., Raleigh, was wanted for fraud in Kentucky.

Until last week, that is, when Cary police officers arrested Edwards at the U.S. Post Office on Academy Street in Cary. It was an unusual situation. The police were tipped off by a private investigator, James Petrie of Cary, who had been looking for Edwards for a solid week.

And Petrie, believe it or not, was working for Edward's family.

"Robin needs to face judgment for the things she's done," said John Miall of Asheville, who is Edwards's first cousin. Edward's alleged crimes have caused a lot of trouble for her relatives, he said.

Normally, it's the job of the police to find wanted men and women. And Miall said the various departments he had dealt with in regard to his cousin have worked hard. In fact, he had particular praise for the Cary Police.

But Miall wanted somebody who could search for his cousin full-time. And so he called Advanced Private Investigations, which is Petrie's agency.

"The city has limited resources," Petrie said, the police can't spend all their time looking for someone." But Petrie can, and did. The search didn't go altogether smoothly, he said - someone called him and threatened to kill him half-way through.

"We've got a f-ing scope on your f-ing head," the strange voice said. "I'm going to have you shot."

Far from being scared away, Petrie was determined to work harder.

"I've got to get to her fast," he remembers thinking. "My family could be in trouble."

He got a tip that a package had been sent to Edwards at the Cary post office. So Petrie staked out the area. On the morning of June 8, Edwards showed up and Petrie called the police.

Petrie had never called in a tip for an arrest before, and said he was happy the police were so responsive to his call.

"I'm glad it was successful," said Capt. David Wulff, head detective for the Cary Police department. Wulff, who was not present for the arrest, said it was the first time he had heard of a private investigator cooperating with the Cary police that way. The police work with corporate security people all the time, he said - loss-prevention officers in stores, for example - but not investigators working for private individuals. Wulff said he "hate[d] to recommend" that people hire private eyes to find wanted felons. His officers do a good job, he said.

But at the same time, he said, someone who has no other cases can sometimes get things done faster. And certainly Petrie's client is happy with the outcome.

"I'm going to put up a statue to this guy," Miall said.

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Union Leader's Testimony:

"I have a clear picture now."" I don't know how you did it so quickly but I'm sure glad I called you." (Permission to publish the words but the author requested anonymity)

A North Carolina Attorney: "Your Investigative Reports are very, very, good." "This is going to be a very big case.""You have done a very good job and we have everything we need." (Requested anonymity)

From an Attorney of more than twenty years experience in a very high office within the North Carolina State Government: "James again, thank you so much for your on-going assistance and support. You are as necessary and valuable to the resolution of this matter as are my attorneys. In fact, you have been more helpful to me than my attorneys have been on many aspects of this matter. I will always be grateful to you." (Requested anonymity)

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