Corporate Investigations


If your business partner's integrity is in question, but you are too busy to investigate, we are ready to help. We can do a complete executive level background checks. The information we find may prevent you from losing your assets. Recently in Cary we have found that there is a group of people who are making friends over a short period of time, asking their new friends to invest in their busineses with no intent of repaying the loans. They are judgment proof meaning there are no assets in their names. You will likely have an iron clad contract with them but if they have no assets there is no way the courts can help you, so you lose your money. Call us when you are going to invest, take on a partner, or a new employee, and we will give you extremely value information that will likely save you from financial loss and embarrassment .


  • Employee Verification
  • Criminal History
  • Executive level background checks
  • Profile

We have access to data information that you will not likely have. We have special techniques learned from many years of experience. We suggest you use your time to build your business and our time to protect your business.


We have experience at investigating matters of stolen trade secrets and material property. We have gathered evidence for major companies that were eventually able to shut down businesses that we proved were using their information. We have also recovered stolen heavy equipment for some of the largest companies in the US. Many of the criminals involved in such activity had been brought to justice due to our investigations.


Our investigations into stolen property have taught us how to spot the weak points in a security system. We can show you where you should strengthen your protection so that you can be more efficient and effective.